about kusini
and lamu island

Just off the coast of Northeastern Kenya, lies Lamu, an idyllic and historical island. Lamu town — the island’s main settlement — is one of the oldest populated towns of the Arabic world; a Unesco World Heritage Site which has kept to its own pace over the years with very little change. To this day there is only one old governmental Land Rover on the island and transport is by boat or by donkey.

At the very tip of this island, after 12 km of empty beach, nestled beyond the mangroves lies Kusini House. It is very much another paradise, even further removed from the strains and pressures of modern civilisation.

Amongst the few visitors-in-the-know who have been coming to Lamu the past few decades and who consider themselves to be ‘old hands’, a mere handful have ventured to our particular slice of seclusion on Kizingoni Beach.

key features of kusini

We are entirely self-sufficient with 100% of our power coming from the sun. There are two wells on the property which provide ample and drinkable water, doing away with a reliance on importing water in plastic bottles, a permaculture garden supplying our vegetables, and our fish comes directly from the passing fishermen in their traditional wooden Dhows.

The house offers five double bedrooms, two twin rooms, and a freshwater pool surrounded by frangipani trees. Being fully staffed with a full time chef, room steward, waiter, laundress, boat captain, gardener and security guard, we are able to provide guests with the rare opportunity of experiencing a truly off-grid lifestyle whilst benefiting from luxury settings.


The house boasts a beautiful freshwater pool. From here you can swim admiring the sea through the traditionally carved Lamu-style entrance. Situated on the equator, Lamu’s high season temperatures range from 26-34 deg celsius. All the bedrooms and shared communal areas are fitted with fans.

At new moon, guests can enjoy late night ocean swims in front of the house with bioluminescence. During this magical spectacle, the lights in the water seem to be reflecting the twinkling of the stars above you.


Daily excursions include trips to Lamu town and Shela, two popular settlements on the other side of the island, a boat ride across open water in search of wild bottlenose dolphins, snorkelling, waterskiing, a sunset trip on an authentic Dhow, and a majestic final dinner on the beach under moon and starlight.


Enjoy a blissful 60 or 90 minute holistic massage by our local masseuse. In a tranquil shaded setting, let the soft breeze and the gentle frangipani bouquet facilitate a deeper healing state.

Prices upon request.


All meals are prepared fresh each day, and will vary depending on the catch brought in by our personal fisherman. Consisting largely of fresh sea food, we also cater for vegetarians, celiacs and dairy intolerances. We are working closely with our gardener to develop our permaculture so that we can become entirely self-sufficient not only in the energy department, but in our food supply too. We aim to source all non-perishable ingredients as locally to Lamu Island as possible. All meals are served on the second and third floor, with the ocean in full view. 


The house is fitted with basic wifi should connectivity be essential to your experience. We encourage guests to embrace this natural space and different pace by detangling from the holds of modern day binds where possible.


To the side of Kusini, nestled within the palms is our education platform. Designed for our retreats, this space is geared towards yoga, meditation and workshops. We provide yoga equipment including yoga mats, bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets, eye pillows, together with speakers. Looking to host a retreat? We will gladly facilitate in acquiring any further accessory needs ahead of your visit.